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God, I Want More of You (Show Me Your Glory)
Excerpts from book:
GOD, I WANT MORE OF YOU, “Show me Your Glory”

In Psalm 51, David pours out his heart to God for forgiveness, cleansing, and restoration.  He asks God for His mercy because he recognizes that he has sinned against God and Him only.  He wanted the slate wiped clean of his transgressions, to be washed from iniquity, and cleansed from sins.  Like David, we too go through this process.  We give our sins, shortcomings, and inconsistencies to God through repentance to become whole and then able to walk in the Spirit.
Chapter 4, A Repentant Heart

Grace is God’s ability in us.  When we look at what we have and what we are accomplishing, we realize we have no ability to obtain anything without God.
God’s grace is beyond man’s ability.  Man throws roadblocks in our path but man cannot block God’s blessings to His children.  Man cannot stop what grace has determined because it is a gift from God.  God’s grace goes beyond anything we can think.  When we accepted Christ in our lives doors opened and doors that would be detrimental to our health and life closed. 
Chapter 6, God’s Grace

We must get to the point that we believe God without question.  If God wants us to do a work for him, our response would be yes, Father, and without hesitation.  Prayer Break:  Help me Lord to walk in faith despite what it looks like.  Help me always to have a yes answer for you even when my flesh cries no!
Chapter 7, Faith:  It Pleases God

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