Flash: ON   March 26, 2019 
Resurrection Life Ministry

The Mission of Resurrection Life Ministry and Publications is to publish books to encourage the Christian community to walk in obedience to God’s word.  It is to bring salvation, hope, and deliverance to a dying world.  The mission is to also deal with the total person as we minister to the Christian community through my books and the word of God.  We are looking to meet the needs of people spiritually and effect change in their lives.

The books that are written are to bring forth (1) deliverance in the lives of God's people and (2) a deeper fellowship with God.  God wants us free from bondage so that we can be open to minister to the needs of others.  If we are tight and closed, then our ministry will not be as effective.

As God promotes Resurrection Life Ministry and Publications, ministry is expanding.  You will see clips of teaching or preaching on the website.  You will also see that we have added a radio broadcast.  Our radio broadcast is "Show Me Your Glory" radio broadcast, www.WPGR.tv.  We hope to reach the world with this broadcast and not only tell the world about Jesus but to help them understand the intimacy that Jesus requires of us.  The global ministry, "Show Me Your Glory" Radio Broadcast, www.WPGR.tv,  currently reaches 14 countries.  The messages preached or taught are translated into the language of the country hearing it.  The broadcast is on Sunday evenings 6:00 pm - 6;30 pm Eastern Standard Time.

You can also purchase tapes that have been broadcasted from some of the "Show Me Your Glory" Radio Broadcasts.  Some of the tapes are played on the website under Audio/Video Download. 


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