Flash: ON   July 16, 2019 
Roadway to Success (Let Go and Let God)

Excerpts from the book:  ROADWAY TO SUCCESS (Let Go and Let God)

I knew that if someone did not respond that I would build a wall around me that would never come down.  I already had walls built because of the pain I experienced in my childhood.  Now, I felt the walls extending and I was fighting to stop them from enclosing me. 
Chapter -  'Don't Shut Me Out'
How many times have God had love pains because you betrayed Him? You told Him that you love Him, yet you go from one lover to another. 
Chapter - ' Love Pain'

Many dreams have been taken to the grave because people were afraid to look ahead, and with faith, step into the unknown.  We must seek God for the truth about who we are and what he wants for us. 
Chapter - 'Looking Ahead'

It is God’s grace that allows wonderful things to happen.  We must also realize that it is God’s grace and mercy that keeps us while we are in the midst of trials and tribulations.  We do not have the ability to keep ourselves, only God does. 
Chapter - 'To God be the Glory'
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